Huge Logs and OS X

Another reason that I love my mac: it can handle 1.3 GB log files easily with built in tools. I recently received a huge log file in zipped form from a co-worker with the warning “good luck opening it, textpad won’t open it.”

After unzipping it to the full 1.3 GB size I was able to open it using the built in Apple log viewer Console.

I ended up mostly using the terminal and tools like cat, less, grep, etc… to quickly find what I wanted and view the log lines surrounding the events I was interested in.

No problem.







4 responses to “Huge Logs and OS X”

  1. vi_man Avatar

    so, the “another reason” why you love your mac is because beneath all the eye-candyness it’s actually an UNIX box.
    Ok, i can relate to that. ;)

  2. Devon Avatar

    Yeah:) Basically it’s all the power of a Unix box, but with a prettier, easier to use interface, that runs Word/Excel/Powerpoint (when you have to), iTunes, Aperture, Photoshop, etc…

    All the power of Unix and all the apps of Windows. Or at least some of each:)

  3. gux Avatar

    Another file utility I found useful when dealing when HUGE files is UltraEdit. I know it’s not a log viewer, but it worked for me with files of 5 GB…

    That’s when using Windows, though.

  4. Devon Avatar

    @Gux: good to know!! I don’t use Windows any longer so I’m not up-to-date with good apps for Windows.


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