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  • Nice Review of 10MinuteMail

    Based on these three factors “a) Ease of use b) Intuitive c) Clean Web Interface” 10MinuteMail was selected as the recommended Temporary E-mail Service by Inficone. You can read about it here: 10 Minute Mail – Recommended Temporary Email Service

  • Interesting Phishing Technique

    I got contacted today with a non-form e-mail from a person offering a partnership which would “highly increase your context advertisement block (adsense) earnings” on 10MinuteMail. Essentially saying that they could increase my ad revenue, and would do that for a share of the increased revenue. Which sounds good as I was wondering if there…

  • 10MinuteMail and Form Submission Charsets in Seam/JSF

    I launched a minor update to last night. It contained: Changed the mail domain to Updated the Russian language translation (thanks to Vladimir) Fixed a bug where replying to an e-mail using a non-latin character set would result in an unreadable e-mail (also thanks to Vladimir for pointing this out) This last issue…

  • Don’t Cross the Streams!

    It’s always funny when different aspects of your lives cross. For instance: 10MinuteMail is one of my projects, and Ulta is a contracting client I do a lot of work for. It’s just funny to see an Ulta ad on 10MinuteMail:)

  • DDOS Against 10MinuteMail

    You may have noticed 10MinuteMail was unavailable for a few minutes over the last couple of days. 10MinuteMail recently came under a DDOS attack which locked up the site a few times. Most of the malicious traffic came from the Netherlands, Germany, and to a lesser extend other European countries and the USA. Initially I…

  • 10MinuteMail Mentions Online

    I’ve finally created a page to try to track and thank all of the mentions and write-ups that 10MinuteMail gets. The list isn’t nearly complete, but it’s a start. Check it out here: 10MinuteMail Mentions

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