I have a filing cabinet filled with paperwork, receipts, warrantees, contracts, rental agreements, and more. I’m basically a computer person, and I love searching and instant gratification, so I’ve always wanted to scan everything in, and have a bunch of searchable PDFs that take up no physical space, and are easy to back up off-site. However, all I have is a small, slow, flatbed, single-side, scanner. Scanning in tons of documents isn’t viable.

Yesterday, i was reading Hacker News, and I saw a posting about a new startup called Pixily, that solved this very problem. You mail them documents, they scan them into searchable PDFs, send you back the originals, and give you the PDFs. I’m sold.

Then today, I found out that the company was started by the husband of a good friend of mine from Boston. So now you have two great reasons to use the service.

Check it out: Pixily!