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  • How to Make an Impact During the First Month of Your Startup Job

    How to Make an Impact During the First Month of Your Startup Job

  • Pixily – Go Paperless!

    I have a filing cabinet filled with paperwork, receipts, warrantees, contracts, rental agreements, and more. I’m basically a computer person, and I love searching and instant gratification, so I’ve always wanted to scan everything in, and have a bunch of searchable PDFs that take up no physical space, and are easy to back up off-site. […]

  • HowGoodIWas.com Beta Launch

    The How Good I Was website has just launched it’s Friends and Family Beta. The company is not mine, but I did the development of the site. The published Goal: To deliver on-line and community services that provide social networking and media distribution capabilities targeted at the non-professional ex-athlete and their teams. Showcase your athletic […]

  • Will Tech Startups Be The Hero This Recession?

    Something interesting that was brought up at Startup School, is that unlike the last economic bubble burst, which was pretty much 100% CAUSED by tech startups, the current bubble bursting, and subsequent recession will leave Tech Startups largely unaffected, at least directly. Tech Startups, by and large, don’t carry significant debt. As such they will […]

  • Startup School 2008 – Friday

    I’m splitting my post about my trip to Startup School this past weekend into two posts, as there is too much to put in one post. On Friday afternoon, my wife drove me to the airport, where I barely caught my Virgin America flight to San Francisco. This was my first flight on Virgin America, […]

  • Y Combinator Startup School

    I have been accepted to the 2008 Y Combinator Startup School. This is a one day event at Stanford University for tech startup focused individuals. There are a number of speakers including Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and DHH (Ruby on Rails), and many others. While the listening to what the speakers have to say should be […]