Y Combinator Startup School

I have been accepted to the 2008 Y Combinator Startup School. This is a one day event at Stanford University for tech startup focused individuals. There are a number of speakers including Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and DHH (Ruby on Rails), and many others.

While the listening to what the speakers have to say should be great, I am really looking forward to meeting a group of like-minded tech focused, motivated, entrepreneurs. Spending time with hard-working motivated people tends to make me feel more motivated and energized. Talking to tech folks about their ideas, and your ideas, helps everyone come up with new ideas, new solutions, and new approaches. That’s one limitation of working at home, is it is harder to bounce ideas off of other tech folks. IM helps, but often what you need is easy conversation, whiteboards, etc…

If you’ll be attending, shoot me an e-mail and we can meet up.





3 responses to “Y Combinator Startup School”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Congrats! Y Combinator is a great place to meet really smart people. :)

  2. Devon Avatar

    Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. Robert Avatar

    I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOU

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