Ducatis and iGTD

It’s in the high 60’s and sunny today, which makes riding my motorcycle around an amazing experience. I have a 1996 Ducati Monster 900, which has been modified extensively by me over the years. I love it. Her name is Mona.

I’ve been using iGTD and Quicksilver to help organize my tasks, to-do lists, and projects. The ability to enter new tasks in seconds from any application on my Mac without leaving the context of whatever I’m working on is excellent for the concentration. If you have a Mac and either use or want to use the GTD system, I highly recommend it. I used to use kGTD, but it had some bugs that occasionally destroyed my entire document, and since the author moved to working on OmniFocus it’s been left stagnant. I’ll certainly look at OmniFocus when it comes out, but for now iGTD is my favorite GTD application.

I also use FitDay to track my dietary intake. It’s easy and can also track weight and activities. I recommend checking it out if you want to really get a handle on what’s in your food.

I’m still inspired to improve myself and my quality of life and have been in a great mood today, and gotten many things done that needed doing. Hope you’re doing the same!






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