Category: Improvement

  • Shaving – Double Edge Safety Razors

    Aside from a short lived bloody stint using a straight razor 15 years ago, I’ve always been a Gillette multi-blade vibrating light-up twitter-enabled razor kind of guy when it comes to preventing myself being mistaken for a rabid bear.  In a recent effort to look like less of a mess I started researching how to […]

  • What Should You Bring To A Track Day?

    I’ve been riding motorcycles for 23+ years.  My first bike was a Yamaha RT100 dirt bike when I was 10.  I love the freedom, the sound, the feeling of leaning a bike through a curve, all of it.  I’m lucky enough to live less than an hour and a half from the New Hampshire Motor […]

  • Super Tea

    I was at the grocery store yesterday, and stopped by the medicinal tea aisle as I’d depleted our Cold Season supply with my cold last week. In addition to the “normal” medicinal teas which help with things like sore throats, coughs, aches, difficulty falling asleep, and digestive issues, they now have two whole shelves for […]

  • New Years Eve 2011

    Here is my cliche 2011 wrap up and hopes for 2012: 2011 was a great year in many areas of my life. My company Spark::red enjoyed strong growth and I feel like its been an amazing success. You can read a bit about our growth this year here: Spark::red Year in Review. I travelled to […]

  • Snowboarding at Loon Mountain

    I went up to Loon Mountain yesterday and did my first snowboarding of the season. I’d never been to Loon, but it seemed nice. It’s early enough in the season that only a small fraction of the runs were open, and the conditions weren’t perfect, but it was a cold crisp day, with some light […]

  • Ducati Track Day at NH Motor Speedway

    Only three days after I was in Loudon, NH at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) two Sundays ago, which you can read about in Emma’s Blog post about NASCAR, I was back in Loudon, back at the NHMS, but this time it wasn’t a family outing, I was here alone to ride my Ducati […]