It’s no wonder that Sore and Parkour rhyme

On Monday I went to UW to try to learn a little Parkour.  Christian has been into it for a while and has been in many newspaper articles and TV news spots and is pretty good.  I figured it would be fun to try.

I arrived at UW a little early due to some mercifully light traffic, and killed some time walking around with my camera.  I put up some pictures I snapped starting here and continuing onto the next few pages.   Something to note: the pictures of the girl on the bike at the end were all taken while she was sitting perfectly still, balancing on the bike, unmoving, for minutes at a time.  It was very very cool.

Christian and his friend Tyson helped show me some of the basic stuff and we practiced a while.  It was lots of fun, and I got a killer workout.  Too killer, as it turns out.  I’ve been sore and limping every since:)  Too many times jumping down off a 3-4 foot wall and practicing landing softly I think.  Anyhow, you should try it.  Good exercise, fun, practical.   Just don’t go too hard your first time:)






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