New Years Eve 2011

Here is my cliche 2011 wrap up and hopes for 2012:

2011 was a great year in many areas of my life.

My company Spark::red enjoyed strong growth and I feel like its been an amazing success. You can read a bit about our growth this year here: Spark::red Year in Review.

I travelled to South Africa, Montreal (twice), Aruba, Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and more. I rode my motorcycle up Mount Washington. I ran a 5k. I did winter driving school at the Team O’Neil rally school. I drove at Loudon race track in both my S4 and my Ducati. I went to a ton of concerts. I ate at some amazing restaurants. I cooked some great food. I read some great books. I had an amazing set of new experiences with my wife.

It has been a great year. My best memories have been time spent with my wife, travel, motorsports, and building my company.

This coming year I want to do more of the stuff that sticks in my mind. I want to scuba dive, snowboard, travel, spend time on the track in my car and bikes, go shooting, take photos, cook, write code, triple Spark::red revenue, read, write, run another 5k. it’s going to be a big year and I can’t wait!!!






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