Not Much to Say

Trying to post at least daily sometimes makes it hard to come up with things to say. Maybe this should be a sign that I haven’t done enough yet today.

I rode in again today. I love my motorcycle. Many meetings today. I’m trying to hand-off four and a half years of accumulated domain knowledge plus nine years of ATG knowledge in two weeks, so I have tons of “brain dump” meetings scheduled with various people at the office. I don’t mind them, but it’s still a lot of meetings.

It looks as though I may end up working from home for the first week of my new position, and then traveling for three weeks of ramp up. We’ll see when I get the travel locked down more tomorrow.

I came home, cooked a great dinner of seared scallops, egg noodles, peas, and a light cream/wine sauce. Plus there’s enough leftovers for at least another meal or two. My wife found the scallops frozen and on massive sale, so they make a great addition to almost any dish.I’m going to do a little clean-up here in the office, and then make a nest for my wife who’s had a long taxing day feeding orphan baby raccoons and barn owls and the like.

Morning weight: 242.2 lbs






2 responses to “Not Much to Say”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    Devon, I hope you used a spatula and not tongs to flip the scallops…otherwise, I heard that Seth may yell at you! :)

  2. Devon Avatar

    Emma did the flipping, so I’m off the hook.

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