Salmon, Media, E-Mail, and a Shelf

We had a great dinner of balsamic glazed salmon and corn bread muffins. After a shower and good food I feel a million times better than I had upon returning from the gym.

We then cleaned out our main bookcases, pulling down everything we didn’t REALLY want to keep. We’ll take all those books to Third Place Books a nearby bookstore which puts used books on the shelves with the new ones. It’s a great book store. Hopefully they’ll buy back most of them. We also pulled out some DVDs, which, with the left-over books, we’ll sell at a yard sale this summer. I think we took out close to 100 books and DVDs from the shelves, and freed up a ton of space. It looks great. No longer do we have stacks of books on top of stacks of DVDs on top of shelved books.

I just read the The Low-Information Diet about reducing your e-mail volume and frequency. It looks like a pretty good idea. In my last job I spent WAY too much time dealing with e-mail. Hopefully my new job will be better in this regards, but if not, the tips in this PDF look like they could come in hand. If you find yourself dealing with a lot of e-mail, it’s well worth a read.

I found that PDF at ChangeThis, a great website with a ton of free PDFs covering lots of helpful topics with revolutionary ideas. From e-mail, to business, to organization, etc… Definitely check it out and browse around. Free advice? How can you beat that…

I have a new shelf from Lowes that I’m hoping to install tonight, after I finish this post, which will let me move my external hard drives and my airport down off my desk surface to an under-desk shelf, giving me more room to work and cleaning up the visual clutter. I’ll take a before and after picture for you.






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