Shelf it.

Ok. It’s 12:15 AM on a work-night. But I finally got the shelf in. Firstly, it came with the wrong sheetrock fasteners. Secondly when I used my own, one of my screw holes ended up over a stud. Thirdly, when I had about 1/2 of the drives on it, it started to sag and make scary I’m-pulling-out-of-the-wall noises (note the old-school Apple keyboard I’m using to hold it up in the after pictures). And fourthly I’m tired of crawling around upside-down giving myself carpel-tunnel. I think, in the end, it was worth it.

There’s still a lot of cables, but now it’s organized, the cables are cable-tied into bunches, things are off the desk surface itself, unused cables are removed, etc…

Considering that I’m going to be spending 40-50 hours a week working in this room, I want it to be as conducive to being productive as possible.


And After:
After 1
After 2






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