Snowboarding at Loon Mountain

I went up to Loon Mountain yesterday and did my first snowboarding of the season. I’d never been to Loon, but it seemed nice. It’s early enough in the season that only a small fraction of the runs were open, and the conditions weren’t perfect, but it was a cold crisp day, with some light snow falling, and I had a great time.

Most of my snowboard gear is from about 10-11 years ago, so this season I’m updating a few elements. I picked up a new jacket and gloves last week and Saturday was my trial run for both. I used to ride with a thicker warm jacket that I’d just wear over a t-shirt, but I’m trying some layering with my new Rome DSK jacket.

It worked great, I was warm, and I LOVE the jacket! Having a snow skirt that hooks up with your snow pants means you keep warm and dry regardless of the wind or any butt sliding wipeouts you may have. Likewise my Burton gloves were Goretex, warm and dry. They have inner liner gloves that stay on your hands when take off the gloves, which is great, because if you need to fiddle with your bindings, headphones, sunglasses, etc… you can do it with optimal dexterity, but still keeping your fingers warm. Big fan. I need new boots through, after 11 years most of the padding and insulation are packed down to the point of uselessness.

Loon is only about 1:45 minutes away so it’s an easy day trip, especially if, like me, you’re only good for 3-4 hours on the slopes (although I assume that will get better as I get back into snowboarding shape). I’m planning on going a LOT this winter. Last year I only made it twice, right at the end of the season, and I regretted it. So this year I hope to hit the slopes a couple times a month at least. Wish me luck!





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