Super Tea

I was at the grocery store yesterday, and stopped by the medicinal tea aisle as I’d depleted our Cold Season supply with my cold last week. In addition to the “normal” medicinal teas which help with things like sore throats, coughs, aches, difficulty falling asleep, and digestive issues, they now have two whole shelves for what I can only describe as “improvement” teas. There was a tea to increase your metabolism, a tea to reduce your hunger, a tea to make you happier, a tea to increase your memory and focus, a tea to improve your libido, a tea to give you clearer skin, a tea to make you more flexible, etc…

But really, wouldn’t we all want ALL OF THOSE THINGS? I’d love to be thinner, happier, smarter, more limber, sexier, eating less, with great skin, wouldn’t you? Can’t they make a Super Tea that does it all? :)






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