Updates: Garage Sale, Weigh Loss, Travel, and Cameras

I promised post-garage-sale coverage, but I’m going to wimp out and simply point you to this wonderful write-up:

The Yard Sale!

Despite hitting the gym somewhat infrequently lately, traveling a lot, eating big family dinners, I have somehow hit 240.0 lbs as of this morning.  Something about lower stress meaning lower cortisol?  I dunno.  But it’s great!

We went to Denver for a big family reunion on my mother’s side.  It wasn’t restful, but it was lots of fun, and it was great to see everyone, especially my nieces and nephew. You can see pictures of our trip to the Denver Zoo here:

Denver Zoo 2007

I just bought a new camera.  I’ve had my Canon Digital Rebel for about three years, maybe more.  It’s a great camera, but I found a few aspect constraining, such as the small buffer size (which when shooting RAW led to many “Don’t move a muscle, hold that pose, hold that expression, just hold on!” as I waited for the buffer to clear out and let me take the next shot), and occasionally felt the lack of dynamic range.  Today I picked up a Canon 40D.  I’ve only taken a few shots with it, as today has been very busy with other things, but so far I’m really impressed.  I’ll post a review later, but first wanted to share two jpeg snapshots shot trusting the camera’s auto focus and auto exposure.  Check out the eye picture zoomed to 100% to see how clear and sharp it is.


I’ll take more pictures with it and post a full review later on.

Gotta go.  — Devon






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  1. Emma Avatar

    That’s a beautiful eye you have there…. Whose ever it is….. :) I really adore that shot of the asian pear. I might have to make it my wallpaper. :)

    Also. I hate you and your lower cortisol. :P

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