The True Cost of ATG’s Core Based Licensing

This is a follow up from a post I made 8 months ago: Why ATG’s Core Based Licensing is Stupid

With the new Westmere hex-core CPU’s out now, the problem has gotten worse.  A mid-high or high end Westmere CPU presents as 12 cores.  So what does this really mean?

I just ran the numbers, and basically a mid-high end single CPU server in 2008 (Xeon 5450) would cost me 4 ATG cores worth of licensing, and would handle X amount of traffic.

A mid-high end single CPU server in 2010 (Westmere 5650) would cost me 12 ATG cores worth of licensing, and will only handle X+35 to 70% traffic (based on published SPECint, SPECint_rate, and SPECfp scores for the CPUs).

So it’s a 300% increase in costs to handle 35 to 70% more traffic.  Or just to provision with modern hardware.  That’s crazy.






8 responses to “The True Cost of ATG’s Core Based Licensing”

  1. megapixel_installer Avatar

    If you use a CPU server like Xeon, you shouldn’t be suprised with your costs, (also running costs, hidden costs etc) With the hex-core it is evident that your going to be looking at well over 300% more like 500% increas in all combined costs. This is a major traffic violation in my opinion.

    1. Devon Avatar

      Well, the ATG license costs eclipse your standard server related costs (power, racking, etc..) by several orders of magnitude. Unless I”m missing what you were talking about.

  2. Samant Avatar

    Does Magento have similar licensing issues ? Would appreciate if Devon or anyone throw some light on it ?

    1. Devon Avatar

      Magento Enterprise Edition seems to price per server (which I read as physical host), so it seems like they are much more fair.

  3. Cctv Installers Avatar

    Magento is definitely he way to go in my opinion.

    1. Devon Avatar

      I think Magento and ATG are really focused on two different markets and provide two different sets of features and strengths.

  4. Gary Pearce Avatar

    So Devon what CPU server are you using now in 2017?

    1. Devon Avatar

      For clients who are still on the older core/processor licensing model, I really like the 1270 processor line. The v6 has great speed. For many clients in that universe the 1270 paired with 32 GB (or 64 GB for the v6) provides a nicely balanced compute unit of CPU and RAM, with lots of horsepower, that allows for 2+ nodes, giving HA and easy expandability (if licensing allows).

      For clients on the newer metrics based licensing model Oracle finally embraced, there’s more options, and the 2690 family has a lot of raw power, and coupled with larger RAM amounts can handle a lot of traffic, however in many cases I will still recommend using the 1270 based building blocks as it can provide for very fast, smaller, blocks, which can make scaling up and down around load much easier and cost effective.

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