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Jump Start Your App With A Spring User Management App


Many of the web applications I build require user management. Registration, Login, that sort of thing. Implementing that properly always takes more time than I expect.  So I’ve written a flexible, easily configurable, User Management Framework on Spring Boot.  It is a fully functional user management application with registration, email verification, login, logout, update user, change password, and forgot password flows.

Note: I did something similar 10 years ago using Seam: Seam Identity Management

The out of the box framework uses a standard database for storing user management data locally. You can easily add support for SSO and 2FA as I built the framework on top of Spring Security. Spring Security offers built-in support for Google, Github, Facebook, and Okta! And you can also easily integrate with any OpenID or OAUTH2 provider.

It also provides an event driven audit trail. The default out of the box listener writes all the events to a separate pipe delimited log file. It is simple to replace that listener with your own, and push the audit events into a database, REST API, or anything you want. The framework code sends events for major actions, and you can easily send your own events from your own code.

I am building on top of Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Thymeleaf, Lombok, and a few other libraries. However the actual application is designed to be simple and basic, and easy to pull into your own application.

Long story short, it should make adding user management to your Spring application quick and easy, with lots of examples and well documented clearly written code.

You can read more about it on my Black Magic Consulting website: Save Time With Our Free Spring User Management Framework

Or just go right to the source: Free Spring User Framework on GitHub

Feedback, Issues, and Pull Requests are all very welcome!






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