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  • Jump Start Your App With A Spring User Management App

    Jump Start Your App With A Spring User Management App

      Many of the web applications I build require user management. Registration, Login, that sort of thing. Implementing that properly always takes more time than I expect.  So I’ve written a flexible, easily configurable, User Management Framework on Spring Boot.  It is a fully functional user management application with registration, email verification, login, logout, update […]

  • Remove Metadata Online For Free

    Remove Metadata Online For Free

    Almost every file we have on our phones, tablets, and computers, has secret information in it.  This Metadata is a hidden part of photos, videos, PDFs, Word and Excel documents, and more.  You should always remove metadata before you upload, email, text, or share a photo or video from your phone or computer! Much of […]

  • Solution for Docker Registry Error: certificate signed by unknown authority

    If you are running a private Docker Registry, the Docker ecosystem makes it very difficult to run without SSL in place.  Even thought the out-of-the-box Docker Registry container  runs without SSL, over HTTP, many things won’t work properly, or at least easily, without installing SSL certificates. You can learn how to configure the registry server […]

  • New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    New 10MinuteMail Beta!

    10MinuteMail is over 14 years old!  When I created 10MinuteMail back in 2006, it was for two reasons: first to help me deal with all the spam email I was getting and second so I could teach myself the JBoss Seam framework.  I had no idea at the time that so many other people wanted […]

  • Seam Identity Management

    During a recent coding getaway to Maine (see my post on the 2011 HackFestaThon) I decided to write a basic Seam project as a starting point for my future Seam based web applications.  The idea is to provide common features such as Login, Logout, Registration, Forgot Password, User Management, Audit Logging, Image Upload Handling, Video […]

  • Spark::red is PCI Level 1 Certified!

    Spark::red is PCI Level 1 Certified!

    I’m happy to announce that Spark::red ATG Hosting has received our PCI DSS 1.2 Level 1 Certification as an eCommerce MSP.  We have been Level 2 certified for a while, but completing our Level 1 certification with TrustWave as our third-party auditor is a huge milestone for us. PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry’s […]