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Almost every file we have on our phones, tablets, and computers, has secret information in it.  This Metadata is a hidden part of photos, videos, PDFs, Word and Excel documents, and more.  You should always remove metadata before you upload, email, text, or share a photo or video from your phone or computer!

Much of this information is boring and safe.  Like camera exposure information for instance.  Metadata can also include your full name, the GPS location the photo or video was taken at, information about your computer or home or work network, and more.  Using the serial number of your camera any photo you have ever posted or  uploaded can be linked together.  Someone can then link an “anonymous” picture you uploaded or shared to your personal website or Facebook.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and removing metadata from photos and videos is a good idea for your privacy and safety. gives you a free and easy way remove metadata from your files.  It takes just a moment and helps ensure your privacy and security.

Similar to 10MinuteMail, it’s a free, easy to use, privacy tool.

I built it on AWS services and have open sourced some of the components.  You can read about how the file uploads are being done here: File Uploads to AWS S3 Made Easy! 








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