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  • DDOS Against 10MinuteMail

    You may have noticed 10MinuteMail was unavailable for a few minutes over the last couple of days. 10MinuteMail recently came under a DDOS attack which locked up the site a few times. Most of the malicious traffic came from the Netherlands, Germany, and to a lesser extend other European countries and the USA. Initially I…

  • 10MinuteMail Mentions Online

    I’ve finally created a page to try to track and thank all of the mentions and write-ups that 10MinuteMail gets. The list isn’t nearly complete, but it’s a start. Check it out here: 10MinuteMail Mentions

  • 10MinuteMail Reviewed at MakeUseOf.com

    10MinuteMail was briefly reviewed in MakeUseOf.com’s article on Five Free Temporary E-mail Services to Avoid Spam. You can read it here: They also have lots of other interesting articles. It’s always nice to see your work mentioned favorably, so feel free to review or mention 10MinuteMail on your sites:)

  • 10MinuteMail Update

    I’ve just launched a few minor changes to 10MinuteMail which will hopefully improve the user experience. – I’ve moved the explanatory text off of the home page to an About page. The old index page was way too text heavy, and was frankly badly written (I didn’t use a copyeditor and once it had been…

  • 10MinuteMail Performance Improvement

    After having a clearly better approach to mail delivery pointed out to me by a friend yesterday, I pushed a new version of 10MinuteMail out last night. End users shouldn’t notice anything different, but behind the scenes the mail acceptance and delivery is MUCH higher performing. There should be less incoming mail delays, slow pages,…

  • 10MinuteMail Mentioned in 2600

    First, you have to understand how big a deal the 2600 Magazine is/was to me. When I was just a wee hacker on a 32MHz Apple finding a place that sold 2600 was like finding a place selling Holy Grails. We’d pour over the pages multiple times, and pass it around to all our computer…

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