Nice Review of 10MinuteMail

Based on these three factors “a) Ease of use b) Intuitive c) Clean Web Interface” 10MinuteMail was selected as the recommended Temporary E-mail Service by Inficone.

You can read about it here: 10 Minute Mail – Recommended Temporary Email Service






36 responses to “Nice Review of 10MinuteMail”

  1. ferenc Avatar

    I just <3 10MinuteMail Devon !!

    Please keep this great site up dude… :)

  2. Ferenc Avatar

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v1.46 is blocking 10MinuteMail !

    Why is that !?!?

    1. Devon Avatar

      I have no idea. You can check Google and other malware/site safety services which show that 10MinuteMail is safe. Sorry for the trouble.

  3. Ferenc Avatar

    Yes, I know it’s safe Devon, but the app is wrong; maybe send them a mail or something to let them know ?

    Nice day pal…

    1. Devon Avatar

      Ah! Will do! Thanks!

  4. sirius Avatar

    Please convert the links to clickable in the 10 minute message.
    And thanks for the great service.

    1. Devon Avatar

      It’s a good idea. HTML e-mails should already have clickable links, but currently I don’t parse out http:// from email content and convert it to a link. I will look at adding that feature, but not sure when I’ll be updating the application next.


  5. shoeb000 Avatar

    10 Minute Email is by far the best ever temporary email system created.
    its great tool to keep us aways from those spammers.. who are always out to hunt our emails.
    thanks for keeping the site up…
    It has very very bright future.

  6. Ferenc Avatar

    I agree with shoeb000…

    It ROCKS !!

  7. Devon Avatar

    Thanks guys! Glad you like it!

  8. PK Avatar

    At first I was like “ok, what am I going to use this for” then I realized it’s perfect for all those stupid places where you have to register just to post a quick comment, even though you don’t necessarily want or need a membership there.

    So yeah, I agree with everyone, the service is great and I hope it stays up for a long time! Even better…since you can’t SEND mail and the addresses expire, spammers can’t really do anything with it!

  9. Sami Adiba Avatar

    Guess what I used to comment! :D
    10 Min Email is a great site, thanks a lot ;)
    Greetings From Algeria!

  10. Sami Adiba Avatar

    *thank you very much not “a lot” ..sorry

  11. Offtopic Avatar

    Nice very nice and handy …
    Keep up the good work

  12. André Avatar


    This is a great service man , it helps a lot. But I need to ask you for help ):

    Man.. I need to enter to a 10minutemail account that I used to create a game account . I got the account deactivated and they refuse to change my mail(security reasons .. uh). The account is [email protected].

    I need urgently to find a way to enter to that account again u_u. I’ve tried aaaaaaaall the possibilities but I can’t create an account in the domain of ):

    Man your service is great. Can you help me with this? ):

    Thanks. André Oviedo.

    1. Devon Avatar


      I’m glad you like the service, but unfortunately I don’t even own the domain any longer.

      I STRONGLY recommend to everyone to NOT use a 10MinuteMail address if you’re going to need to do a password reset/etc…. later on….

      1. André Avatar

        Well .. Thank you anyway :).

        Oh .. and a last thing: Is there a way to enter to the e-mail? , I mean, what’s the password for the mails?(if they’re the same for every mail obviously)

        Thank You :D

        1. Devon Avatar

          Not sure what you mean by “enter to the e-mail” and “password”?

          1. André Avatar

            Uh … I mean there are services that let me enter to whatever domain email , but I need to enter the password for the email.

            So, is there a way to know the email’s password?

  13. KiLLWarez Avatar

    Hi! 10MinMail the best service. I’ve looked thru several ones like 10Mail, but yours best. I even wrote a software for automatic registration on some torrent trackers and other places. But some of services I use blocked your domain name. How often do you change your domain?

    1. Devon Avatar

      I typically rotate out domains every 3-4 months.

  14. Nikos Kouremenos Avatar
    Nikos Kouremenos

    your site ROCKS cause it supports HTML email and is very simple to use. I would like to see a button “destroy now” though (just delete the cookie so I don’t have to :P)

  15. big bad bob Avatar
    big bad bob

    attempting to use 10 minute mail, which looks great. Unfortunately neither the mail I send from my ISPs mail server NOR the mail sent by the service I’m attempting to (temporarily) subscribe to arrives within the 10 minutes (I have tried extending this and still don’t see mail). Do ISPs (such as minspring) block mail sent to your ‘’ mail server? In any case I think you have a GREAT idea and if there are problems it’s unfortunate and probably not your fault.

    1. Devon Avatar

      I had some delivery issues a couple of days ago. Sorry about that. Things should be back to normal!!

  16. Jason McCormick Avatar
    Jason McCormick

    Is there any way to check mails sent from my ip? (or at least confirm that e-mails were sent from my ip?) It seems that somebody may have used the service on my computer for malicious intent. Please get back to me at the e-mail address above. The date in question is 8/8 2010.

  17. Loyal User Avatar
    Loyal User

    I find myself using 10-minute mail at least twice a month. Loyal user here by the way. Been using it for over a year.

    I also used it to comment here.

    I would like to thank you for providing such a clean and free service.

    Death to spam.

    Peace out.

  18. Jolene Avatar

    I just wanted to drop by an honest compliment to your website. It is a really helpful website and I appreciate your effort in creating it.
    Take care.

  19. Kenn Chong Avatar
    Kenn Chong

    hey dude, its a nice websites. anyway, is it legal to request a new account after 20 minutes(the same ip)

    1. Devon Avatar

      Thanks! Yes, you should be able to get a new address every 10+ minutes.

  20. Sarina Avatar

    I have a slightly important question that I really hope you could help my brother and I with. So when we both got a new apple ID, we used a 10MinuteMail E-Mail adress (VERY STUPID) for some reason. So now of course the mail’s password is needed when we want to update apps that we dowloaded on that email. And since we have no clue about the password, we can’t put the apps onto another account which is the real one on which we can update all our apps. Perhaps you could REALLY, REALLY help us by giving the password for the email? The 10MinuteMail E-Mail that we don’t know the password to is:

    [email protected]

    It is okay if you can’t provide us the password but it would certaintly make apps nicer for us to enjoy with the newest updates. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Devon Avatar

      Unfortunately that domain is so old it has expired and I no longer have any access to it:( Sorry.

  21. Tony Avatar

    If I send an email can they trace my IP address through your service. I’m not doing anything illegal, I just want to send an untraceable email

    1. Devon Avatar


      You cannot send email from 10MinuteMail. It is for inbound email only, not sending anonymous mail.

  22. deepak Avatar

    mail sent anonymously from 10minutemail can traced or not?

    1. Devon Avatar

      You can’t really send email from 10MinuteMail…. it’s designed for receiving email.

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