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Accessing nested Item properties within a RepositoryFormHandler programatically

If you have a RepositoryItem which has a collection of other RepositoryItems as a property, editing things on them via a single form and RepositoryFormHandler can pose some difficulties.

For instance, you have an Item called Garage, and it has a List of Car RepositoryItems as a property named cars. If you are using a different type of collection, some of the following will need to be adjusted accordingly, but the overall approach is the same. A Car Item has a name and an option picture as properties. If you have a form to display and allow for editing of a Garage, including all of its cars, which is handled by a sub-class of a RepositoryFormHandler, you can edit values on both the Garage, as well as the Cars within cars, without much difficulty.

What gets tricky is if you need to access form submission values for properties on the Cars. For instance if you wanted to allow a user to delete a car by simply blanking it’s name, or if you wanted to automatically assign a picture based on the make and model in the name field. You can’t just access the submitted but un-updated values (say from within the preUpdateItem method) using simple nested getValueProperties. Here is what you can do:


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StringUtils in ATG Dynamo

A hidden gem in ATG Dynamo is the simple, but VERY useful, and totally undocumented StringUtils class. It lives in the atg.core.util package in DAS/lib/classes.jar. It has several methods, but the most commonly used are isEmpty(String) and isBlank(String). Both return a boolean, and are very useful for validating form input and the […]

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Minor update

A minor release to 10MinuteMail just went out. It adds a few languages and language cleanups, bringing us up to 26 supported languages!!! Thanks to all those who have volunteered their time!

There’s also a new feature to grab a new e-mail address at any time. Mail sent to your old […]

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JBoss Tools Properties Editor Surprise

No, not the kind of surprise with cake.

The latest JBoss Tools Eclipse plugin, which if like me you are running on a platform that they haven’t released RedHat Developer Studio for is a pretty good option, which can be installed through Eclipse using this update URL:

Sets up your default editor of .properties files to be […]

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Post URI changes

I have just updated the permalink/URI scheme for this blog to be more searchable. Therefore old links coming in may be broken. Hopefully a quick scan or search will help you find what you are looking for.



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