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StringUtils in ATG Dynamo

A hidden gem in ATG Dynamo is the simple, but VERY useful, and totally undocumented StringUtils class. It lives in the atg.core.util package in DAS/lib/classes.jar. It has several methods, but the most commonly used are isEmpty(String) and isBlank(String). Both return a boolean, and are very useful for validating form input and the […]

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JBoss Tools Properties Editor Surprise

No, not the kind of surprise with cake.

The latest JBoss Tools Eclipse plugin, which if like me you are running on a platform that they haven’t released RedHat Developer Studio for is a pretty good option, which can be installed through Eclipse using this update URL:

Sets up your default editor of .properties files to be […]

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Post URI changes

I have just updated the permalink/URI scheme for this blog to be more searchable. Therefore old links coming in may be broken. Hopefully a quick scan or search will help you find what you are looking for.



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