Minor 10MinuteMail.com update

A minor release to 10MinuteMail just went out. It adds a few languages and language cleanups, bringing us up to 26 supported languages!!! Thanks to all those who have volunteered their time!

There’s also a new feature to grab a new e-mail address at any time. Mail sent to your old address(es) will still show up in your inbox page (as long as your session is still active). Check it out. That comes as a special request. If you have a feature request, e-mail me.









7 responses to “Minor 10MinuteMail.com update”

  1. Himself Avatar

    THANK YOU for providing this awesome service freely.. and I do enjoy the interface update. Kudos! It took a bit of tweaking to remove that garish square area from the previous incarnation.

    Your service handles 8bit mime messages much much better than 2prong so for many sites yours is a must use service.

    An interesting feature would be to be able to forward 10min email to another address (after double opt in of course) for those times I’m working in other Firefox tabs, forget to watch 10min and miss out on a confirmation email.

    If you want to go the extra ten miles ‘steal’ some code from UserScripts.org to fire an alert when time is running low and refocus the tab. Its one of the RapidShare userscripts or the NoDelay. I hope I remember to dig it up for you later and post back.


    P.S. I have a few other ideas but I don’t want the anti-DEA scum viewing the thought process ;) When I’m more awake I hope I can find your email address.

  2. Devon Avatar


    you are very welcome! I’m glad that you like the new look and feel. So do I.

    I have thought about adding e-mail forwarding to the mix, however there are so many existing sites which do that already. The thing I like about 10minutemail is that you don’t have to provide any personal information, like an e-mail address. That said, it wouldn’t hurt for it to be an optional feature, if people really wanted it.

    I will look into the alert script you mentioned. That’s a very good idea, and one I hadn’t thought of.

    My e-mail is [email protected], and I’d be happy to talk with you about your other ideas.



  3. Mark Avatar

    You posted a comment about dropping from college and getting experience, how did you end up getting your job. I’m pondering what college will do for me and I was interested in your little tidbit.

  4. Devon Avatar


    the short answer is I got a cheap suit, applied to a ton of places, did my homework on each of them, wrote nice cover letters covering why I’d be good for the job. Also, I started in tech support, learned the company’s technologies, including Java, in the course of my job, and was able to transition out of tech support into a services and then architecture role.

    Work hard, learn as much as you can on your own, etc…

    If you’d like, feel free to e-mail me and I’m happy to give a longer answer or address any of your specific questions as best I can.



  5. Shining Avatar

    Thanks for this awesome service!

  6. ravi Avatar


    just wondering.. if the script you are using is available for others to use?

  7. Devon Avatar

    Ravi: it’s not just a script, it’s a Seam Application running on JBoss. At the moment I have not open sourced it. Mostly because no one has provided a good reason why they need to run their own copy, and can’t just use the one I have running here at 10minutemail.com. The complexity of running the Seam app in JBoss, plus all the of the postfix configuration required for all the mail handling, etc… also makes it hard to just give out. It’s not like a one or two page PHP script.

    If you have a good reason as to why you need to run your own copy, and can’t just use the one running at 10minutemail.com, let me know.


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