JBoss Tools Properties Editor Surprise

No, not the kind of surprise with cake.

The latest JBoss Tools Eclipse plugin, which if like me you are running on a platform that they haven’t released RedHat Developer Studio for is a pretty good option, which can be installed through Eclipse using this update URL:


Sets up your default editor of .properties files to be the new Red Hat Properties Editor. It looks very snazzy. However, at least on my machine (Eclipse 3.3, JDK 1.5, OS X 10.4.10), whenever it opens a properties file, it happily strips out all of the equals signs separating property names from their values. They still look good in the graphical portion of the Red Hat Editor, but of course don’t work very well anywhere else.

You can fix this by going into the Eclipse Preferences, General, Editors, File Associations, scrolling down until you see the “*.properties” entry and choosing the “Properties File Editor” as your default.






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  1. Devon Avatar

    So this may not be a bug so much as some oddness and interaction between this editor plugin and the resource bundle editor plugin I use for managing the 26 languages, and growing, of 10MinuteMail.

    Basically the resource bundle editor uses a space-equals-space to separate keys from values. ” = “. This is how Sun’s examples of resource bundle properties file look so that seems reasonable. However, the Red Hat editor goes by the strict definition of a Java Properties file, which lets you use spaces as the delimiter, and ignore any immediately subsequent delimiters. It then rewrites the delimiter to only the first valid delimiter it finds, which in this case is a space ” “.

    Then, the resource bundle editor apparently can’t handle spaces as delimiters, in violation of the spec apparently, and can’t handle the newly formatted properties files.

    I have a bug open with the resource bundle editor here:


    And will also be opening a Jira ticket asking that the Red Hat editor leave in the complete set of adjacent delimiters it finds.

  2. Devon Avatar

    Looks like fixes were just checked in. That’s why I love open source projects.


  3. Divya Avatar

    how can I download Red Hat editor?
    how to use this editor?

  4. Devon Avatar

    It’s part of JBoss Tools:


    I have the update URL above, and links to the Resource Bundle Editor are above as well.

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