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MSSQL, jTDS, NVARCHAR and Slow Indexes

Mr. Slow

An application I’ve built is going into production soon. It’s the first application I’ve been involved with which will be using MSSQL server in production, I have some learning about MSSQL to do. After some research, I ended up using the […]

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Environment specific mail auth and Seam’s MailSession

If you are using Seam’s MailSession to send out going e-mail from your Seam application you can run into trouble if you have a mail server in any environment (dev, test, stage, prod) that allows outgoing mail based on the client’s IP address and does not use username and password based authentication.

The standard […]

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Installing an SSD in a MacBookPro

I just replaced my 17″ Unibody MacBookPro’s hard drive with a new Corsair 256GB SSD. The SSD uses Samsung chips and controller. It’s VERY FAST!

  1. First I made an image of my BootCamp partition using WinClone.
  2. Next I ran one final Time Machine backup to my Time Capsule.
  3. After that was complete, I shut the […]
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ATG SEO – Tools and Traffic

SEO Tools

Other than using lynx to test your site, there are several other tools I would recommend utilizing in your quest for better SEO. One great tool is the SEO Analysis Tool from This tool quickly analyzes the page, and provides excellent reports on the size and relevancy of your meta […]

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ATG SEO – URL Formats and Crawler Limits

URL Formats and Structures

By making your URLs expressive and relevant to the content and structure of the site, you help not only your search engine ranking but also your users, since they can easily tell what a given link will take them to.

This is a bad URL:

This is a good URL:

It […]

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