I’ve just launched a few minor changes to 10MinuteMail which will hopefully improve the user experience.

– I’ve moved the explanatory text off of the home page to an About page.
The old index page was way too text heavy, and was frankly badly written (I didn’t use a copyeditor and once it had been translated into multiple languages changing it would be difficult). Most of my visitors are returning users, and they already know what the purpose of the site is. The rest can use the About page if they can’t figure it out. The new index page gets you right to the action, no clicks needed.

– I’ve removed the “copy address to clipboard” link, and replaced it with a pre-selected address.
The old JavaScript and Flash based clipboard manipulation code has been blocked by most modern browsers due to security concerns, so it wasn’t very useful. The new setup makes it easy to just hit the Copy command and you have the address on your clipboard. No mouse work needed.

– I’ve swapped out the e-mail domain.
Changing the e-mail domain keeps the spam coming into the server more reasonable.

– I’ve added a few links to the bottom of the page.
These aren’t ads, they are links that I want to share. Mostly they will be projects of mine, or my friends, or good causes. Check them out!

Ideally it should mean less mouse clicks, less time on the site, and make it easier for people to make use of the service.

What is your opinion on the changes?