10MinuteMail.com mentioned in Jobacle podcast

10MinuteMail was highlighted in the latest podcast (#70) from jobacle.com. I’ve been listening to a couple of their podcasts and it seems like a good site and a podcast that is definately worth your time, so check it out here: jobacle.com

If you see 10MinuteMail mentioned anywhere else, let me know:)






4 responses to “10MinuteMail.com mentioned in Jobacle podcast”

  1. Emma Avatar

    Congrats! Thats pretty awesome!

  2. what about redirect feature? Avatar
    what about redirect feature?

    Good job, but what about redirect feature?

  3. Devon Avatar

    I assume you mean the ability to have e-mail redirected to your own account?

    I may add this in the future, but there are other services which offer that. The big win of 10minutemail.com, for me anyhow, is that you don’t have to type anything in. I may add it as an option feature later on though.

  4. Phil Avatar

    Congratulations! And great job, you saved me of thousands of garbage and gives good privacity ^_^

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