Don’t Cross the Streams!

It’s always funny when different aspects of your lives cross. For instance:

10MinuteMail is one of my projects, and Ulta is a contracting client I do a lot of work for. It’s just funny to see an Ulta ad on 10MinuteMail:)





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  1. Vladimir Bazanov Avatar


    My collegues send me the link to the 10MinuteMail – it looks like a very useful service. I would like to offer you some minor bugfixing in Russian translation of the 10MinuteMail interface. If you interested in it, please email me.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Devon Avatar


      thanks! I’ll drop you an e-mail with the translation stuff. I appreciate the help!


      1. Devon Avatar

        Thanks to Vladimir for an updated translation and for pointing out a bug when replying to e-mail using non latin charsets. Both fixes will be rolled out in the next week or two.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Man, your service is really good. But sometimes it fucks up all the links of the incoming message so there is no way to complete registration. It’s really annoying!

    1. Devon Avatar

      Hopefully I’ve fixed a few link related oddities. Some HTML emails had links that weren’t getting parsed right. Some HTML emails had a

  3. netikseo Avatar

    That means your client is using google remarketing. As you visited your client’s website a cookie was set and then the ads start “following” you. Maybe you already figured out that as this is an old post, but just thought to share it with you :)
    Nice service by the way. Was looking for the service to stop spam. I see you missing some Lithuanian translation. Do you want any help?

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