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I just launched an updated version of 10MinuteMail.com. I gave it a new look and feel. Hopefully people like it. I’ve also added a neat link which will copy the e-mail address into your clip-board for you, so you don’t have to select and copy yourself. It uses a combination of javascript and Flash and seems to work on every browser. And I swapped in a new e-mail domain of fishfuse.com as the old domain was getting an amazing amount of spam daily (around 250k).

Behind the scenes I’ve upgraded to Seam 2.0beta, which went smoothly enough, once I remembered that I’d modified the build.xml in some important ways, and the initial issues weren’t releated to the Seam upgrade, but to the build not setting a few custom flags. Easily solved.

Tell me what you think of the new site, and give me feedback or suggestions for new features.









2 responses to “Updated 10MinuteMail.com”

  1. gerl Avatar


    thank you for 10minutemail :), very useful.

    But the link to create new mail address don’t appear with firefox :(. I hope you will fix this bug.


  2. Devon Avatar

    This was an issue where the French version of text was much longer than the English version, and pushed downward. In Firefox this overlapped with the lower div making the text unreadable. It should be fixed now, as I have added some additional spacing to better accommodate languages which are more verbose:)

    Internationalization does pose some interesting layout issues….

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