ATG Newsletter Went Out

Our first Spark::red ATG Newsletter was sent on Tuesday morning! We’re pleased and proud to have delivered the first of many monthly ATG Newsletters.

In this newsletter we talk about the importance of improving your site performance, especially now that Google is using site performance as a search result ranking factor. We talk about Why, and provide several helpful links to help with How. I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug the fantastic ATG Hosting that Spark::red can provide, including extensive performance tuning at every level, web, app and database, using knowledge gained from 12 years of ATG experience.

We also reveal our PCI Compliant ATG Encryption Module which is the first PCI complaint credit card encryption option for the ATG eCommerce Platform. It handles strong encryption, key management, importing plain text and encrypted data, periodic re-keying/re-encryption, and more. It’s the fastest and most affordable path to being able to pass a PCI audit for your ATG eCommerce application. Contact us for more info: [email protected].

You can see the whole newsletter here: Spark::red ATG Newsletter #1, and if you haven’t already, I recommend signing up so you don’t miss the next one: Sign Up for the Sparkred ATG Newsletter!







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  1. PK Avatar

    “Google also purposely slowed down it’s search result page to determine the impact on user
    behavior in 2009. They discovered that increasing page load time by less than half a second
    still had measurable negative effect on user behavior.”

    Ok, Google must have forgotten to turn that ‘feature’ off for outbound traffic; it’s just a little bogus when I click on a search result and see:

    sitting in the URL bar while I’m waiting for it to let me see the damned site already. Even nicer how they use escape codes in the URL so I can’t easily take the junk out.

    I’m noticing this delay (while they track which sites you’re going to) happening a lot more frequently over the last 3 months or so.

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