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Want an even better job? :)

While the ATG job opportunity at TOMS is pretty sweet, Spark::red is also hiring!  I might be a bit biased but I think Spark::red is an amazing place to work.

First, the jobs:  We’re looking for sys admins, jboss admins, or technical ATG folks (architects, deployment specialists, etc…) to join our sys ops and support/deployment/load testing/performance tuning/troubleshooting teams in Boston (Chelmsford, MA) and Seattle (Redmond, WA).  You can read more about what skills we’re looking for here: Spark::red Oracle ATG Commerce Hosting Careers.  Don’t worry about the which location for which job, we’re looking to fill the roles in either city.

Why would you want to work with us?  Here’s a list:

  • Amazing team of smart, talented, driven, funny people
  • Working with a combination of Fortune 1000s, Internet Retailer 500s, emerging retailers, hip companies, international trendsetters, and Hollywood award shows!
  • Working with happy clients!  We love our clients and they love us.
  • Great salaries – we want to get and keep the best in the business
  • Great benefits
  • Flexibility, power, huge career growth potential!
  • Large scale infrastructure
  • Interesting problems to solve
  • Halo!
  • You get to work with me:)


Spark::red 2011 Review and 2012 Preview

2011 has been an amazing year for Spark::red ATG Oracle Commerce Hosting.

  • We’ve added several new clients (including a well known member of the Fortune 1000!)
  • We’ve added 101 new dedicated servers and over 20 cloud computing instances
  • We’ve opened an office in Boston
  • We’ve earned our PCI Level 1 MSP Certification
  • We’ve hired several employees, a large number of contractors, and even picked up an intern!
  • We’ve gone from 3 data centers in the USA to 13 data centers and 16 points-of-presence including several international facilities
  • While our competitors have raised prices, we’ve managed to keep prices the same or actually reduce them in many places.  All this while providing newer more powerful hardware across the board
  • We’ve introduced a new Oracle ATG Commerce Standard Hosting Package which provides excellent performance, stability, and security, for a very affordable package price
  • Served well over 200 TB of content
  • Partnered with JBoss/Redhat, Oracle, Akamai, Keynote, Knowledge Path, and many other industry leaders in order to provide the absolute best hosting, support, and related services
  • More more!
We’ve grown a lot in 2011 in every measurable dimension.  Clients, revenue, employees, contractors, servers, bandwidth, offices, processes, every aspect of the business has been growing nicely.
2012 is looking like it will be even bigger!  We have lots of prospective clients, two new international data centers opening in Australia and South America, international clients, new hires, a site redesign, a big sales and marketing push, new free ATG modules and open source code, and lots more!
I’m very excited about the upcoming year and what it will bring.  If you’d like to talk to us about what we can do to help you in 2012 give us a call or email us about your ATG Hosting needs!

Spark::red is PCI Level 1 Certified!

image from Purpleslog

I’m happy to announce that Spark::red ATG Hosting has received our PCI DSS 1.2 Level 1 Certification as an eCommerce MSP.  We have been Level 2 certified for a while, but completing our Level 1 certification with TrustWave as our third-party auditor is a huge milestone for us.

PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard.  It is a set of requirements and guidelines designed to ensure merchants who handle or process credit cards, do so securely.  There are different levels based on transaction volume and Level 1 is the highest level, required for the largest volume merchants.  Level 1 is also the most difficult certification to gain, requiring the strictest security protections, the strongest policies, and a very in depth audit by a certified auditing company, such as TrustWave.  Our certification process has taken many months and the completion of our Level 1 Report of Compliance (RoC) is a testament to our dedication to providing the highest level of secure environments to our clients and safeguarding their systems and information, as well as the information of all our clients’ customers.

At Spark::red we focus strongly on Security and Performance beyond the core ATG hosting services.  We handle more PCI DSS requirements than any other ATG Hosting provider out there.  If you are looking for an ATG Hosting provider to help manage your ATG web application, we can offer PCI Level 1 compliant hosting and handle many of your security needs.

Spark::red Sponsored Children’s Cove Charity

Spark::red ATG Hosting is proud to have been a sponsor of the recent Children’s Cove 10th Annual Golf Tournament.  Children’s Cove is a Child Advocacy Center on Cape Cod Massachusetts.  They do critically important work helping children and their families who have been victims of abuse.  It is some of the hardest and yet most important work I can imagine, so I am very proud that Spark::red was able to donate to support such a noble cause.

During the golf tournament itself we were glad to be joined by two founding partners from Knowledge Path Solutions. Knowledge Path Solutions is an extremely talented systems integrator with a speciality in ATG.  Thankfully both were much better at golf than I am.  The weather was perfect, the course was beautiful, and it was a very pleasant day.  It’s not often you can mix business, pleasure, and support a good cause.

We’re proud to be supporting the community and hopefully we will see some familiar faces at next year’s fundraiser golf tournament!

ATG Newsletter Went Out

Our first Spark::red ATG Newsletter was sent on Tuesday morning! We’re pleased and proud to have delivered the first of many monthly ATG Newsletters.

In this newsletter we talk about the importance of improving your site performance, especially now that Google is using site performance as a search result ranking factor. We talk about Why, and provide several helpful links to help with How. I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug the fantastic ATG Hosting that Spark::red can provide, including extensive performance tuning at every level, web, app and database, using knowledge gained from 12 years of ATG experience.

We also reveal our PCI Compliant ATG Encryption Module which is the first PCI complaint credit card encryption option for the ATG eCommerce Platform. It handles strong encryption, key management, importing plain text and encrypted data, periodic re-keying/re-encryption, and more. It’s the fastest and most affordable path to being able to pass a PCI audit for your ATG eCommerce application. Contact us for more info: [email protected].

You can see the whole newsletter here: Spark::red ATG Newsletter #1, and if you haven’t already, I recommend signing up so you don’t miss the next one: Sign Up for the Sparkred ATG Newsletter!