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  • Top Ten Tools

    I was surfing around today, and saw this article about the top ten tools you use. As far as getting work done on the computer (I’m taking the computer for granted and not counting it as a tool, although for it all to come together it’s worth noting I use an Apple MacBookPro with 4GB […]

  • JBoss Tools Properties Editor Surprise

    No, not the kind of surprise with cake. The latest JBoss Tools Eclipse plugin, which if like me you are running on a platform that they haven’t released RedHat Developer Studio for is a pretty good option, which can be installed through Eclipse using this update URL: http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/development Sets up your default editor of .properties […]

  • seam-gen and multiple projects part two

    This is a follow-up from my post two days ago “seam-gen and multiple projects“. After some feedback from “atao” in this thread on the JBoss Seam forum, I have taken a different approach to the problem, and have enhanced seam-gen to generate targets within the generated project’s ant build script, which in turn call the […]

  • seam-gen and multiple projects

    Enhancing seam-gen to support multiple projects.

  • Seam example project structure

    For me, one of the hardest things about getting started with developing with Seam was getting a project setup that I could work with. The examples that ship with Seam only build within the whole Seam super-project, which doesn’t work for developing your own projects. Most of the other guides on setting up a project […]