10MinuteMail upgraded again

Moved up to Seam 2.0 CR3, and JBoss 4.2.2. I also optimized some code, got rid of some useless error logging, etc…

Hopefully it will perform a little better:) So far it seems to process incoming e-mail much faster, which was a bottleneck under load.




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4 responses to “10MinuteMail upgraded again”

  1. S.R. Avatar

    Nice work on 10minutemail.com. Just wanted to say thanks and propose to add open ID support one day.

  2. Devon Avatar

    Thanks! Funny you should mention open ID. I’ve started working a bit with Atlassian Crowd, which also supports openID. Since there is no login needed for 10MinuteMail, how would you see open ID being utilized?

  3. Binny Avatar


    I have to write quartz job, which automatically send Email at 5am , Using JBoss-Seam. I don’t have detailed knowledge as from i can start… But I need it on urgent basis…

    Can somebody share code, configuration files and library , DB setting(MySQL) and code ofcourse.

    Thanks in advance.

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