DDOS Against 10MinuteMail

You may have noticed 10MinuteMail was unavailable for a few minutes over the last couple of days. 10MinuteMail recently came under a DDOS attack which locked up the site a few times. Most of the malicious traffic came from the Netherlands, Germany, and to a lesser extend other European countries and the USA. Initially I dealt with it by generating a list of the malicious IPs and adding them to my block list. However, the DDOS kept spreading (botnet?) so I finally did what I should have done ages ago, and tuned my CSF/IPTables firewall to block DDOS patterns. So far so good:)

I have NO IDEA why anyone would be attacking 10MinuteMail. It’s very odd.






2 responses to “DDOS Against 10MinuteMail”

  1. Shen Rustemi Avatar
    Shen Rustemi

    One pokes first…..

    Sorry to hear of your glitch, on the other hand, it’s small unexpected incidents which help us become more efficient.

    You have a tool which could be useful to certain groups.


  2. sLOmO Avatar

    Hey, it means you are famous now xD

    It is really strange that you would be getting targeted. I guess it is what happens when hackertrolls get bored.
    Most likely it is just zombie servers launching attacks, I cannot imagine some one actually choosing to attack 10MinuteMail.

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